About us

In the heart of our passion for artistry and home décor, Velifa was born. Founded with a vision to blend creativity with functionality, our journey began with a simple desire to offer unique and captivating wall tapestries to elevate living spaces.

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Where Craftsmanship Thrives

At Velifa, we believe that every home tells a story, and our mission is to help you narrate yours through our curated selection of wall tapestries. With meticulous attention to detail and a commitment to quality, we strive to bring you designs that inspire and resonate with your individual style.

Inspiring Spaces, Enriching Lives

As we journey forward, our vision for Velifa remains clear: to continue inspiring spaces and enriching lives through the beauty of tapestry art. With innovation as our guide and creativity as our fuel, we look ahead to a future where every wall tells a story of elegance, inspiration, and warmth.

The Tapestry Artistry

Our tapestries serve as a bridge between tradition and innovation, honoring centuries-old weaving techniques while embracing contemporary design trends. Each piece tells a story, weaving together threads of culture, heritage, and creativity to adorn your walls with elegance and charm.


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Address: 206 Sprucewood Ln, San Antonio, TX 78216, USA
Working days: Monday – Sunday